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  It's About Ergonomics!!

Ergonomics is all about the relationship between man
and work.

It offers ways to improve the work process and reduce
stress factors.

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Ergonomics helps companies transform work to achieve
optimal work performance with a minimum of stress on
the worker.

Several examples of stress factors are:
  • remaining in a tense position for long periods
  • machine vibrations
  • imbalanced strain
  • inadequate lighting
  • ineffective work flow
Just one or the other negative stress factor can lead to:
  • increased absenteeism
  • a considerable drop in product quality
  • skyrocketing staff turnover.                                                                Find out how to prevent negative stress factors and more.
Ergonomic workplaces provide workers with a greater
radius of movement.

For many years, ergonomists have been convinced that
the best workplaces  provide both sitting and standing
position while working.

Ergonomic workplaces offer a number of advantages,
such as:

- Easy adjustability and height adjustment range (16 in.)
  ensure that every worker finds the most comfortable
  work height and position.

- The possiblility to move comfortably from a sitting to
  a standing position.

- Flexible workstations reduce strain and faulty posture
  and so decrease sick leave and medical bills.
If your company is serious about ...

- increasing production output

- reducing lost time incidents by 79 percent
- improving product quality to compete in the global
- slashing workers comp claims and expenses by
  up to 50-70 percent

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